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You can best reach our guesthouse by making the journey to Wasserauen, which is an end stage point of the Appenzeller train line. Next to the train station you will find a large parking lot. To reach it by car take the A1 highway exit of Gossau, drive through Herisau, Hundwil, and Appenzell towards Wasserauen (950 meters above sea level).
To reach the guesthouse Aescher (1454 meters above sea level) from Wasserauen you have four possibilites, which vary in difficulty and demands to physical fitness.

The four pathways are as follows, starting with the easiest:

+ With the cablecar to the top of the Ebenalp, followed by a 15min walkway through the Wildkirchli-caves

The Ebenalp cablecar takes off from Wasserauen and after 10min you will find yourself in one of the prettiest areas of the Alpstein Mountain-range. The Ebenalp is a high plateau mountain with a rich flora and spectacular views all around. On clear days you will see the hills of the surrounding Appenzell, St. Gallen and Thurgau districts, as well as the Bodensee lake in the distance. With a little exploring to the South and West, the mountain panorama of the Alpstain will open up before you.
A hiking path will lead from the mountain station of the Ebenalp cablecar down the Aescher guesthouse which is built into the moutnain cliff. The path will lead through the Wildkirchli caves which are illuminated. On average, plan on a 15 min hike down, the path is secure and well maintained with numerous small steps. It is 140 meters difference in elevation between the cable car station and the guesthouse, we recommend planning in more time for the return hike, and we discourage bringing baby strollers or luggage with wheels.

+ The "Plättliweg", a steep 1 h 20 min foot hike from Wasserauen to the Alp Bommen and then to the Aescher (500 meters difference in elevation).
+ The "Seealpweg", the longer, 1 h 40 min, more scenic hike from Wasserauen to the Seealp lake (the Aescher trailhead will branch of slightly before reaching the lake) and up a steep hiking path to the Aescher (only for experienced hikers). 
+ The "Erstböhlweg", 2  h 10 min, the hike starts of in Schwende (one town before Wasserauen) across the "Erstböhl", Ebenalp, and Wildkirchli-caves to the Aescher.